I painted stars in the sky last night. For you. Your constellation. It was quite dreadful actually. “Nightmare on Elm Street,”  I told Jackie. But such fun! You would have said it was lovely.

The event was hosted by Earth and Sky Healing Gallery as a fundraiser to support local initiatives targeted at creating mental health awareness.

It was nice to see so many participants. No doubt we all had our reasons for being there and our own stories to tell, but there was no bitterness last night, no sadness, no tears – just laughter and a sense of accomplishment as we surprised ourselves with what we could do.

Sarah was the artist in residence and she was so kind – like a kindergarten teacher – telling us all how beautiful our work was. And we beamed beneath her gentle praise. There were several teachers there. I hope they practice the same in their own classrooms with their own students. Words have such power.

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