A Stitch in Time …

There’s crafting – and there’s mending – which is sooo not crafting and almost always finds its way to the bottom of the basket until, in desperation, it’s handed off to Mother.

Yep, 61 years old, and if I needed a pair of pants hemmed or a busted seam fixed up, I called upon my 84 year old mother. My son even bypassed me and went straight to his Grandma though I certainly know my way around a sewing machine and have for many years.

But Mom passed away earlier this year and we’re both lost without her. She will be missed for many, many reasons. Mending- guilty as charged – is but one!

So I’m on my own now and could hardly believe how proud I felt after hemming my first pair of pants! Such a sense of accomplishment!

Am I a complete convert? Not likely. I still shove mending to  the bottom of  the basket, but when MY grandson came to ME last week to repair something when he’d always gone to GiGi before (Great Grandma) ….  By gosh, I felt pretty darn good.

And in he comes today with another little stuffed toy for me to mend! Gotta love it!

So keep on crafting, but keep on mending too. I saw a documentary about the amount of clothes we buy and then toss away. The waste is frightening! These are my son’s old jeans – work pants, patched and ready for another day at the worksite. Repair. Reuse. Recycle. Twice loved!



Stormy Seas


My Mom was in her fifties, maybe even early sixties, when she began to paint. And she was really quite good. We had several of her paintings hung about the house. I remember showing an acquaintance, who was ‘in’ with the arts, a few of her works. As we walked into my living room, she pointed at a tiny print. “That’s nice. Did your Mom paint that one too?”

“No,” I replied, poker-faced. “That’s a Picasso.” And yes, I think I have a little of the devil in me because I got a great chuckle out of that. Mother and Picasso (Walmart version) on the same page. Too funny!

The lesson here, I guess, is that most of us are not art critics. We don’t know Picasso or Rembrandt or Van Gogh. We just know what we like, what touches us.

My latest art acquisitions are two originals, Stormy Seas by Sam, age eight, and Sunset by Asher, age five. Both love to draw and paint and colour but Sam is the true artist, I believe, because his art brings him so much joy.

Today, he called, quite excited. In looking for unicorn pictures, he happened upon Etsy. Upon realizing that Etsy was a place where you could show and sell your art to the world, he had his Dad help him set up shop. That in itself was an exercise in creativity. I’m not allowed to buy anything, I was told, but I don’t think he’d mind me giving him a shout out here.