Let’s Break for Lunch


I watch my son prepare school lunches for his three boys and I wonder at the calm with which he packs three bags night after night without totally losing his mind. This week I had to help out a little and more than anything, it was the packing of those lunches that made me feel inadequate. Of course, rarely do the three boys like the same thing and while I know Little Bear loved blueberries last week, this week he doesn’t want to touch them! This week he’s back on strawberries that are going at like about eight bucks for a tablespoon full! And so it goes. Hats off to all the dads and moms and grandpas and grandmas who are out there packing lunches. You have to be creative in a big way to pack healthy and happy without breaking the bank! And if you happened to peek into the boys’ snack bags this week, please don’t be too critical of that plastic tub of cold, plain pasta. They like it! They really do!

Kiss Me, I’m Irish


We made cupcakes this week to celebrate St. Patrick and all things Irish. The first lot of icing – not so good. Somehow I mistook flour for icing sugar! Two cups in before I noticed something amiss. Didn’t mind tossing the flour but tossing out a cup of real butter … OUCH!  I lay no claim to fame in the kitchen but my littlest grandson, whom I routinely call Little Bear, didn’t seem to care much about quality. As far as Little Bear was concerned, the fun was definitely in the making and not in the eating. I tend to agree. Not quite sure how I got to be so lucky, but I have three grandsons who own great big chunks of my heart. Perhaps with luck like that, I’m more Irish than I realize!

And … In case you’re wondering, these cupcakes are really leprechauns hiding in the green, green grass of Ireland. The grass, of course, is covered with a few sprinkles of rainbow dust. As I’m sure you are all aware, if you are lucky enough to find a leprechaun, you will almost certainly find rainbow dust!

Soooo… May your day be covered with rainbow dust as well – not just St. Paddy’s Day, but every day. Most days are, if we only look closely enough.