Here we go again …

One of my ‘goals’ before I retired was to sort and reassemble the mountain of Lego owned by my son and his children. I’ve always enjoyed ‘playing’ with Lego, not only because it’s fun but because handling those little bricks brings me peace of mind. I get lost in the process and the quiet.

so … I think maybe I started last night with The Black Knight’s Castle, set 6086, released in 1992, 588 parts, 12 minifigs. I believe it cost approx $115 at the time and today sells for anywhere from $250 to $6/700. Depends on condition. This particular set belonged to my son. It’s not just a matter of piecing the set together … I wish! Thing is that the boys well and truly played with their Lego and the pieces from a couple hundred sets are very much all mixed together! And I may underestimate when I say a couple hundred. That’s how much they liked their Lego! Sometimes it takes me an hour to find one little tiny piece. I’m aiming for 100 sets and 100 characters (not set people) before the end of the year. I will track my progress here.

Lego. Twice loved!

A healing heart

Today was a good day. Not a great day, but a good day, and that is ‘exceedingly good’.

I have been ill. Unusual for me and therefore difficult. Physically I was on a precipice. I knew it but kept pushing. Because that is what I do. That is who I am. But being fragile physically opens the door to mental distress and stupidly, I succumbed and bought into those who grow fat on the bile of their own fury. It took me down and carried me along. I’ve been so ugly inside.

I believe it was the anniversary of the loss of someone quite dear that pulled me through and pulled me out. I am healing. The ugly is leaving my heart and for that I am grateful.

Twice loved.