Good Night Moon

Just read an article on parenting – discipline, I guess, and did a little digging only to find that said author has no children of his own. Go figure. How can you profess yourself an expert where your experience is limited if not actually non-existent? How can you discipline where there is no love? How can you set rules and boundaries when you are not the one they run to for a hug? How can you set consequences when you are not the one who tucks them in? How can you even feel you know a child when you haven’t rocked them when they’re sick? Amazing that parents would even take direction from such a person. Only have to look at history, and recent history at that, to see how that plays out in the big picture.

Found my way to said article because I have been struggling with being firm on bedtimes. I will, however, forgive myself. Grand-parenting is not parenting. And in seven days the boys’ dad will be home. I look forward to a house filled with laughter, loud chaos and love. The boys are already excited. How many times have I heard … “when Dad gets home …”

I’m excited too. For ‘when Dad gets home’. There will be hugs to lift you off your toes and Gram will head back to her little house where bedtime is not something to worry about, but something to embrace as I tuck myself in and read myself to sleep!


Twice loved and then some!

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