Easter Blessings

It’s been a while and I hardly know where to begin or what to write. To be honest, I wasn’t sure I remembered my password or how to find my way into the program, but here I am. So I’ll be brief as I cripple my way back into this blogging world.

I chose Easter Blessings as a title for this re-entry simply because it’s Easter and I’ve been surrounded by friends, family and well wishers this past week. It’s been nice. Better than nice. It’s been special. And a quick visit with my three favourite boys tonight made the week extra special. Not to brag but here I go: I have the most loving grandchildren ever. Kind, funny, smart. They’re such good boys.

My Easter pic … again just fooling around here to get familiar again with the most basic tools … is a clutter of diy projects. The old ‘desk’ is most definitely a ‘twice-loved’. #1 son dragged it home from a tear-down and I scrubbed it down with TSP and a wire brush. I rubbed the ivy transfer on the front and you know what? It works. My sister had gifted me with a few large wooden tags. Painted one grey and used a rub-on bunny transfer with a little macrame cord to finish it off. The basket and little round box I painted and again found rub-ons that seemed to fit. Mr. Rabbit and Mr. Hedgehog are projects I felted a while back. The art card was a gift from Erin and was painted by her aunt.

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