just another perfect day

Monday was a perfect day.

I’m sure I have many but on Monday I was aware, very aware, of just how perfect it was.

I had all the expected birthday calls, and some not expected. Special! I woke up to sunshine, t-shirt weather and chirpy birds making themselves at home in the birdhouse out front. I made soap. Puggy came to visit and stayed for treats. Not unusual, he always stays for treats. But he’s cute, makes me laugh, and is oh so cuddly. #1 son sent a beautiful bouquet of flowers. My big boy biked down the hill to wish Gram a happy birthday and the two littler guys raced across the playground yelling Happy Birthday and squeezed my heart with great big hugs. I spent the evening with friends and family and served egg sandwiches with the crust cut off. Fancy! With a side order of cheesecake and cookies from The Cozy Tearoom. I went to bed tired but happy. The old bones know just how old they are, but the heart sings as loudly as it ever did.