Happy Mother’s Day to me …

I wrote this post a couple months ago. Just now putting it up here. Seemed the right time.

Mother’s Day is four months down the road. I may or may not get a card – probably not. I may or may not get a shout out on social media – again, probably not.

Today, however, he dropped in, shovelled out my car, took out my garbage and went to pick up a few groceries for me. I didn’t ask. Hardly a day goes by I don’t hear from him – calls initiated by him as often as me. He NEVER hangs up without saying ‘I love you’. Too many times to count I am invited for breakfast, coffee, supper. Too many times to count he gives me little gifts – and big – of things he sees and thinks I might like and he’s always bang on!

Like all, we’ve butted heads, some big stuff, some small, but we’ve managed to work our way through it all. I’m not quite sure I deserve him, but I’m so glad to have him in my life. I’m proud of who he is. I like the man he’s become. And in addition to being a good son, he’s a good dad who puts his boys first always.

If you haven’t called your mom today, pick up the phone. I can guarantee it will mean a whole lot more today than on ’mother’s day’!