I love you more …

June is coming. The beginning of summer, the end of the school year and for my middle boy, graduation from elementary school and on to high school. He is eager and ready. I am not.

My grandsons, my boys, (and I have been blessed with three) are all good little guys – though with the oldest being a teen and the youngest not too far off I rather doubt they’d appreciate being called ’little guys’. The older they get, the further they move away. From hugs and kisses and cuddles, from bedtime stories, from let’s pretend and playtime, from sharing hopes and dreams and observations on life and living.

But I’m okay with that. That’s how it’s supposed to be and I’m here. Whenever they need me, I’ll still be here.

But oh my, Sammy. To cuddle down beside you, to feel your chubby little hand patting my cheek. To watch you twirl your hair into knots even as you sleep. To hear you plea for ”one more story”. I didn’t appreciate it nearly enough. I remember one night when you were seven or eight, you cuddled into me and as you fell asleep you whispered, ” Grammy, I love you more than Mommy, but don’t tell her.” I chuckle when I think of that. I knew you didn’t really. But you were always the one who let us know how big your heart was. It still is. You were the little guy who proclaimed every day as ’the best day ever!’ I hope you don’t lose that. Because you have made so many of mine ’the best days ever!’

…early morning thoughts on what looks to be a glorious day.