Beautiful …


Can a burger be beautiful?

I believe it can.

Two ice cold beer at the Split Rock followed by an “I so don’t want to cook supper” on the way home landed me at Georgie’s, a local restaurant known to put out a good plate – a very good plate.

While they have a menu that offers dishes that tempt every palate, today I was ‘just hungry’. Friendly servers – kids with great big smiles – quickly took my order and continuously checked on me throughout.

Juicy, juicy burger served up with fries, crisp and salty.

No health food promises here, but tasty? You bet!

As good as it looks!


And twice-loved? I can guarantee it will be.

Another visit definitely on the horizon …



Round and round she goes …



I’m not exactly sure what this is, but it was part of the garbage we’ve been moving out of the garden at The Blueberry Muffin.  At least I thought it was garbage. I had dragged it to the side of the road for pick up.

“No, no,” says #1 Son. This will make a great sniper pit for Little Bear. And so he drags it home. And sure enough, when I drop by after work today, Little Bear is in his pit, nerf gun at the ready, defending his terrain from imagined enemies, battle lines drawn in the grass with sticks and chunks of wood and random pieces of garbage.

But a child’s imagination is fluid and has no boundaries. Half an hour later, I hear squeals of delight and amuse myself watching from the back deck as they push this giant hamster wheel around the garden and through the neighbour’s empty lot. Then, of course, Dad has to get in on the action and they try to roll him about. Not so easy. A fun afternoon.

Anyway… not sure what this thing is. No brand name toy for sure. No Toys r Us special. Not even a Walmart version but definitely …

twice loved.

Trash to Treasures

imageI love yard sales … and flea markets …

At one time a real yard sake junkie, I’ve toned it down quite a bit in recent years.

Definitely guilty of having too much ‘stuff’ and an unreasonable dislike of parting with anything – yes, it actually HURTS to throw stuff out – I really don’t need to bring home someone else’s throwaways.

But sometimes, the stuff is just so pretty, it begs to be rescued!

My current excuse right now is that I will use it to ‘stage’ The Blueberry Muffin this fall.

Lego Storage

imageimageOur Lego is definitely twice-loved. Over and over and over we’ve mixed and matched sets, built and smashed. I remember my brothers owning those little soft plastic building blocks but Lego only came into my life when my son was a toddler thirty plus years ago. Since then there have been three grandsons, and all love their Lego. As do I. So we have quite a few bricks!

Storage is always a challenge. The boys had a fabulous Lego room at their Mom’s but at Dad’s and Gram’s, they’re not quite so fortunate. #1 Son came across these great commercial acrylic candy containers we use for bricks, and a recent drag-home shelf has been painted and holds the bricks beautifully. Truth is, though, we could use a whole lot more!

Twice loved! Reuse, restore, recycle.