My mom told me once that everyone should own beautiful things. I agree. I also know that we all have our own truths and our own versions of beauty. Twice-loved is mine.

Rarely does the world see us as we see ourselves. Sometimes I wonder if we even see ourselves with much truth. I think that’s why we create. Because in creating we sometimes touch who we really are, experience who we can be.

For some, art comes easily. Hands dance over the keyboard, swish across a blank canvas with sure and confident strokes. They sculpt and paint, compose and write. For others, not so easily. We are the ‘crafters’, I think, the gardeners, the bakers, the knitters, the odd little souls covered with glitter and glue.  But the focus, the quiet, the heart –  I believe these belong to the crafter and the artist alike. And that focus, that heart – it helps us find our way home.