The tail of a whale and a whale of a tale?

Very busy lately. And not a lot of time for posting. I’ve been doing a fair bit of reading of inspirational texts and much about how we are the creators of our own realities.

so … a funny story …

Had this little ornament on a shelf at the Pink House – formerly a vacation home and now home to three rambunctious boys and their equally lively Dad. The house rocks with testosterone!


See this whale’s tail on a shelf every time I visit and every time I worry about the boys breaking it. (Meanwhile, they’ve been living in the house for two years.) But last week I decided, “I’m taking this home for safe keeping.”

So … I took it home and put it on my own shelf. Less than a week later, I knocked it off the shelf and in my attempt to catch it before it hit the floor, I also sent my phone flying. Broke the whale’s tail and smashed the iPhone screen.

I worried about that ornament getting broken – and it did. I just hadn’t envisioned breaking it myself. Only makes sense though. I’m sure the boys never worried about it. Only me.

Talk about creating your own reality!

Anyway, I glued it together today. Good as new and …

Twice loved!


No moral lesson here but perhaps a little reinforcement of this whole idea that we create our own realities …