Lego Storage

imageimageOur Lego is definitely twice-loved. Over and over and over we’ve mixed and matched sets, built and smashed. I remember my brothers owning those little soft plastic building blocks but Lego only came into my life when my son was a toddler thirty plus years ago. Since then there have been three grandsons, and all love their Lego. As do I. So we have quite a few bricks!

Storage is always a challenge. The boys had a fabulous Lego room at their Mom’s but at Dad’s and Gram’s, they’re not quite so fortunate. #1 Son came across these great commercial acrylic candy containers we use for bricks, and a recent drag-home shelf has been painted and holds the bricks beautifully. Truth is, though, we could use a whole lot more!

Twice loved! Reuse, restore, recycle.



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