Happy Mother’s Day to me

Too often we ignore the perfect ones. The days when nothing extraordinary happens but everything rolls out as it should. That was today. Today was #1 son’s birthday – happy Mother’s Day to me – and we were invited for supper. Something I always enjoy for two solid reasons: One: I don’t have to cook and Two: I treasure suppers at the kitchen table with my son and his family. Always a hoot and this one was no different. Laughing, goofing around, arguing – it’s all done at the kitchen table. No-one is in a rush to leave; everyone lingers long after the meal is done. Family. I am so grateful for mine and so proud of my boys. At the risk of sounding incredibly goofy, my heart aches sometimes I love them all so much.

Spent the morning soaping. I have something like 600 bars to stir up in the next couple weeks and most all are NOT simple straight forward pours. I really enjoy making soap but sometimes wish I had kept to the simpler bars. A lot easier to whip up for sure.

Big event today! I bought a mop! Decided it was time I got up off my knees and treated these old bones to a little break. And how friggin’ easy is it to clean floors with a mop versus a scrub brush! I shall never be without a mop again!

Curled up with a book tonight. Quiet. Peaceful. Feeling blessed. Twice loved.

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