A Little Red Tricycle


I had my first two wheel bike when I was ten. I bought it myself – or at least in partnership with my brother. We had both saved our money and were the proud owners of a $ 7.00 second hand bike. I can’t  remember much else about that bike – my brother probably used it more than me – but that I had saved and purchased it myself is a strong memory. It was obviously an important purchase as here I am fifty years later still proud of that first bike and how I obtained it.

Yesterday I dropped in on #1 son who was working on the Blueberry Muffin, and there, in the middle of chaos, was a little red tricycle. It was destined for the dump because, according to him, he couldn’t find anyone who’d take it. He’d messaged a couple people, but no thanks.

It hurts to see good stuff like this end up in the landfill, we are a ‘stuff’ people, and I am as bad as the worst, but unfortunately, we don’t care for OR keep our stuff. Too many of us don’t even try to recycle. So I bought the little red cycle home and cleaned it up. I put it on Facebook. It’s yours if you like, free for the taking. Surely someone can give the little red bike a home!

Update:   Two days later …  The little red tricycle is gone. Yayyyy!