Kiss Me, I’m Irish


We made cupcakes this week to celebrate St. Patrick and all things Irish. The first lot of icing – not so good. Somehow I mistook flour for icing sugar! Two cups in before I noticed something amiss. Didn’t mind tossing the flour but tossing out a cup of real butter … OUCH!  I lay no claim to fame in the kitchen but my littlest grandson, whom I routinely call Little Bear, didn’t seem to care much about quality. As far as Little Bear was concerned, the fun was definitely in the making and not in the eating. I tend to agree. Not quite sure how I got to be so lucky, but I have three grandsons who own great big chunks of my heart. Perhaps with luck like that, I’m more Irish than I realize!

And … In case you’re wondering, these cupcakes are really leprechauns hiding in the green, green grass of Ireland. The grass, of course, is covered with a few sprinkles of rainbow dust. As I’m sure you are all aware, if you are lucky enough to find a leprechaun, you will almost certainly find rainbow dust!

Soooo… May your day be covered with rainbow dust as well – not just St. Paddy’s Day, but every day. Most days are, if we only look closely enough.

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