Hooking Happiness and a Big Yellow Sun

My mom hooked rugs years ago. Everyone did, I guess, and while I faintly recall her showing me how to hook, it was a day-long workshop years later that piqued my interest. I did this one little mat, and then, enthusiastic as get-go, and confident in my newly acquired skills, I traced off the puffin for my next large-scale project. I should know better. I always go overboard. I always go big. I can’t have the box of crayons with your eight basic colors. I have to own the seventy-two box with cadmium red and eight shades of blue!

Anyway, this project has been on the frame for four or five years and only recently did I pick it up again. I should have stuck with small. But here it is – a Newfoundland puffin perched on a rock, blue skies in the background. The only thing missing is a big yellow sun in the corner.

I have seen some amazing rugs hooked by some pretty talented ladies. Mine … I just hope to finish. But what a great way to recycle old t-shirts. That’s what I’m using – t-shirts – mostly recycled from my grandsons’ castoffs. And cut into strips with scissors. Reuse. Recycle.

I suspect it will be a while before it’s finished, but I’ve already decided that my next rug will have huge happy sunflowers. Yellow is such a fun color. Perhaps that’s why little kids always have that big yellow sun in the corner, shining down on everyone and everything! Optimistic, happy, they have yet to experience the doldrums of a gray foggy day. Hooking – crafting – helps me find that sun!

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