Sunday Drives, Ice-cream and a Blueberry Muffin


The boys were getting rambunctious. They’d been outside all day playing with their Dad but I could see a spat brewing and to give their Dad a break, I offered ice-cream. We all piled into the car and at the last minute, Dad jumped in too which sort of surprised me as I thought he’d appreciate the breather.

So we went for ice-cream and a drive around town. And then we stopped and bought a house.

Yep. “Stop!” He yelled. And I did. And there she was, The Blueberry Muffin, a little blue house that looked only a shade better than a pile of planks ready for the dump. We all jumped out and clambered up over a rickety set of stairs to peek in the windows.

But as bad as she looked, we had lucked in. Built as a home, not as a house, the muffin was very well made – solid – nothing slapped up here! In no time, with the help of a very good friend, the little house became what I call The Blueberry Muffin – new windows, siding, shingles as well as front and back decks.

Both lack of time and funds called a halt to the project, but we are ready to start again and in the next month we hope to get the wiring and plumbing completed. Then the fun begins. This little house is once again becoming a home!

Twice loved!!

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