Just like riding a bike ….

There are six bicycles at the Pink House. All are twice-loved.

Two belonged to Little Bear. He has outgrown them and they are difficult to give away, much less sell. Perhaps I can find another use for them.

Little Bear regularly inherits his older brothers’ bicycles. Pop salvaged pieces from two cast-offs to create one good solid bicycle for our boy. He flies like the wind – downhill – and grumbles big time about pushing it back up! He has grown mightily in confidence since school closed. Perhaps next summer he will be ready to dispense with the training wheels!

Samuel’s bike was a curbside find. Pop stripped it down and painted it purple – the boy’s favourite colour. Sam sails down the road … and up! He is one with the bike and a bit of a daredevil at times.

The oldest had a new-to-you bike this year, purchased second-hand in the city. He still clings to his old one, finding the size and hand brakes of the new bike a little intimidating.

I agree! Yesterday I rode around Cove.  First time on a bike in fifty years for sure and my preference then was for the coaster bike!

No scuffed knees; however, and what a great feeling – coasting along with the wind whistling past your ears – not that I was going that fast. In fact, in places, I was like Little Bear and had to push the bike up the hill.

I may even have grumbled a little!

Bicycles … twice-loved …  good as new!

Me … not quite!


2 thoughts on “Just like riding a bike ….”

  1. Ride your bike. Have fun and be always young at heart. Be little bear. We all grumble about getting to the top of that hill but when we do what a wonderful feeling it is! Love your posts! Keep them coming.


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