Twillingate is a small rural community found at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, on the northeast coast of Newfoundland. This little town hops in the summer and tourists come here from all over the globe to see our icebergs and whales, to taste our fresh fish, the cod, and to breathe deeply of air so sweet and pure and pungent with blackberries and salt water, it can only be experienced and never described.

There’s plenty to do and if you believe you are one with the universe or at the very least, believe you should be, Twillingate is where you need to be to recharge and rediscover what is real and important.

The locals invest heavily in creating a welcoming environment for our visitors. One new venture in town is a kayaking tour agency called Rock Adventures, owned by  Bobby and Marie.

This summer we did the tour. “Active meditation”, Bobby calls it. He is not wrong. Within a week, we had purchased three kayaks. I am not disappointed. My only regret is that I had never tried this before.

I’m no stranger to the water, but I’m a fair weather sailor and never completely comfortable no matter how skilled the skipper.

Paddling your own kayak, however, puts it all in your own hands. Independence.

I’ll be looking to purchase another in the spring but will watch for a ‘twice-loved’ for the second expenditure.




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