Somedays are diamonds …

And yesterday was one such day!

We loaded up the kayaks on the speed boat and took them to Trump Island where we spent an idyllic afternoon paddling the shoreline.

A stop at the Split Rock on the way home for a brew where younger brother and I had our photo snapped in front of a very special wall. The wall is built from boards salvaged from my grandmother’s house in Back Harbour, a place where I spent many wonderful summer vacations as a child.

If this wall could talk, oh the fabulous stories it could tell!

Twice loved!  ‘Recycling’ at its finest!

Something wicked this way comes…

There’s a lovely little shop in Benton that sells everything, kitchen sink included: antiques, curiosities and too many twice-loved treasures to name.

It was here I found the silver goblet though I purchased it black. Slathers of Silvo, some passionate rubbing and the goblet is restored to its former beauty.

Forbidden fruit, black roses, a string of pearls and curse of the Raven. The Dark Queen awaits!

A little early for Halloween but putting together a few things for an upcoming fall fair and this arrangement is one of a few.