The Creative Process

#1 Son knows me well. Some mothers get jewellery, flowers and fancy restaurants. I get the yard sale treasures. This particular chair – I call it the Hunt chair – is one of a pair he rescued for his momma a few weeks ago. The wall peg shelf is a $1.00 yard sale find he brought home this morning. The little night stand is one that had been relegated to the attic but brought back into commission for this set I’m calling the Queen of Hearts. You’ll see why when it’s finished.

Just in case #1 Son ever reads this, I’d like to point out that I am certainly not encouraging him to rule out jewellery, flowers and fancy restaurants! Truth be told. I am an incurable romantic at heart, much to my chagrin, though most people don’t know this about me.

I was once ‘romanced’ by a hired guitarist/songster serenading me at work with a favorite song of mine, Moon River. At the time, I was pretty shy, so while delighted and flattered, I was also a little embarrassed by the gesture as sweet as it was! Funny though, the young man hired to croon started off in the wrong key. Ouch! Probably a little embarrassing for him too, I suspect. No shame. Moon River was not exactly on top in the charts. It’s still my favorite though. Old, old, old song –  twice-loved.

Anyway, I got away from the point of my post –  which was to show how I work – in my kitchen -messy and disorganized for sure, but with a sort of plan/vision up there somewhere.





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