Mackenzie-Childs wannabe

Wish I’d had the foresight to take a picture before the paint job and reupholstery. Don’t know how I forgot that! Too eager to get started maybe. In any case,  both pieces were brown, worn, tired looking and in need of some serious TLC.

I used Artminds chalk paint – colour Succulent (Michaels) and used a Benjamin Moore acrylic polyurethane varnish to protect. Gives a lot of shine which many dislike in a chalk paint but I am very pleased with the result. It’s a bit of a delicate set, not meant for hard use but would look great in a front foyer. Bought the fabric at the local fabric store – they have an amazing selection. Has a bit of a Mackenzie-Childs look to it I think!  Next project? 60C47E01-83D8-4EF2-B745-E959CCFC9C06

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