Who did not say, “Let them eat cake!” ?


There is much written about the validity – or non-validity – of Marie Antoinette’s phrase, “Let them eat cake.” Suffice to say that the cake the peasants wolfed down was a far cry from the fancy dainties nibbled by the bourgeoisie.

But I’m sure the peasants enjoyed their pan scrapings as much or more than the upper crust enjoyed their eclairs, croissants, and mille feuille.

Ralph’s birthday cake for Max is less than Facebook worthy but the kids loved it – except Sam, who doesn’t like ice cream anyway – go figure. Not sure who he belongs to.

Chocolate brownie cookie dough – vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream, caramel, and not entirely sure about the pink poop-like stuff on the top – but it was definitely delish! Even Hope, who doesn’t like ice cream cakes, weighed in with a rave review. Little Bear …. well, needless to say, he had to be told, “No, no more!”

It was a good birthday. Supper at a local restaurant with his best buds followed by video games at home, birthday cake with Dad and the gang, and a sleepover with Mom.

Dad’s birthday present? What do you get for a car crazy twelve year old? Dad upcycled his bedroom wall with twice-loved plates.

Twice loved? These kids are loved ten times over.

Happy birthday kiddo! How did one Grammy get to be so lucky?



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