The Joy of Less

My first download for 2019 was The Joy of Less, a Minimalist Living Guide: How to Declutter, Organize, and Simplify Your Life by Francine Jay. I’m like a gal on a mission and already I can see a difference. Truly!

I am – as you can tell if you’ve read any previous posts – a stuff person! It is incredibly difficult for me to part with anything – and it matters not a whit if it’s mine or if it’s someone else’s. I just cannot throw it out. And then on top of that, I also feel the need to ‘rescue’ stuff.

I’m not totally sure why I hate throwing things away but I think it has to do with story telling. Every thing we own, everything we touch, carries a story. Some big, some not so big, some quite lovely, and some absolutely horrid. But a story nonetheless.  These things, they tell who we are, who we were, and who we yet might be. I know, the stuff is not the story … but it is a tangible reminder of those stories. And it’s not easy to toss them aside.

But I’ve begun … to declutter, to toss aside –  to commit the stories to heart and head if not to my closets.

And in spite of my somewhat romanticized view of ‘stuff’, I look forward to having a home that brings me peace and comfort without the clutter that is forever screaming at me to tidy, tidy, tidy!

Here’s to 2019.

Note the empty dish on the table! (I know- a true convert would have no dish, 😉)




Patches on patches

Not sure if I’m putting patches on pants or pants on patches; however, #1 son said they’re too good to throw out and his favourite work pants.

Two broken needles, 6 iron-on patches, one old pair of jeans for reinforcement, three spools of thread and 3-1/2 hours later ….

Talk about twice-loved!