A teeny tiny room


Helping #1 Son at the Blueberry Muffin today. My job? Well, let’s just say you know you’re at the bottom of the construction crew heap when your job is to pull staples. Kiddo wants smooth beams when he puts up the new ceiling and walls and today I pulled hundreds and hundreds of staples I’m sure!

Booooring, boring work! So to amuse myself I imagined all the ‘rooms’ this little basement room could be. It can’t be a bedroom because there’s no egress – big shot construction type word for no way out – but oh the promise in this little 8 X 12 tuck-away. May the madness and chaos of a happy little family run rampant upstairs, but this little room, this little oasis of peace – this could be anything!

My scrapbook/card making room – my messy desk, my stamps and my paper could find a happy home here.

My sewing machines, the old Singer and the new, all my beautiful fabrics and colourful threads and allllll those almost done, just need a little free time, projects!

My reading room … So many books, so little time!

My teeny tiny bar where I can sip on wine, turn up the music and dance like a wild child!

My TV room, with a big wall size tv, overly large fat and comfy chairs, oodles of movies for the grandkids, a few tearjerkers and the odd thriller for me! Popcorn friendly floor! Small fridge in the corner. Six pack of ‘coke in a glass bottle’ chilled especially for Gram.

My music room, a place to go practice piano without too much offending anyone’s delicate ears. (I’ve only recently started playing after a 45 year break and as of yet I’m even offending my own ears!) Drums for the boys!

The Game Room with pinball machines and arcade games and X box this or that and bionic arms and well, I’m not so up on the game part though I do like to play the occasional pinball machine.

sigh…. What a wonderful project this would have been ten, twenty, thirty, heck even forty years ago, as part of a couple. Building a home, rather than a house. Not quite sure why we want these great big houses that suck up our paycheques in maintenance, property taxes and insurance. And that dreaded electric bill our provincial government keeps warning us will double…triple? a couple years down the road.

I almost want to keep the Blueberry Muffin myself!

But not the staple pulling job. Which reminds me …  almost got fired today.  I made a quick call to a friend and we chatted it up a few minutes, then down he comes over the stairs. “Mom, in future can you restrict personal calls to your break time please?” My son, the comic!

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