Super Mario

My crowd are gamers. The Mario Brothers were regular visitors at my house in the 80s. My father, who would be 100 this year had he lived, was a fan of Duck Hunt. Today he’d be playing Minecraft. I’ve watched the progression of games parade through my living room for over three decades and can’t say I’ve seen anything yet that overly concerns me in regards to negatively impacting behaviour.

Little Bear expressed some concern this weekend. Unlike many of his peers, he is not that big into sports. None of us are. Unapologetically, we find it, for the most part, somewhat boring. But kudos to those who find their place in the gym or arena. We find ours behind the big screen.

Kiddo was somewhat perturbed by those who tell him video games will rot his brain. I set him straight on that one. If academics is your measure, he’s at the top of his class. As are his siblings, also ardent gamers. If critical thinking and problem solving are your measure, again, way ahead for his age. Creativity? Ahead. Vocabulary? Ahead. All the grandkids are. And I am super duper proud of them. If your kids have rotten brains, there’s more going on than just video games.

For those who make such broad statements, you are looking through a very narrow tunnel. Do a little research. Where do you think internet content comes from? There are a whole lot of people making a whole lot of money from gaming and its spin-offs. Then there’s the information highway. Check it out. There’s a lot more out there than social media, you know. Now that – social media – yeah, a little brain rot there…

Mario, however…. We are fans. He is most definitely twice-loved.