Countdown to Christmas

Goodness, it’s been a while since I posted but this has most definitely been a different kind of year. As we count down to Christmas and 2021, I hope we find ourselves healing both physically and spiritually and in a much better place. In my own little corner, I’ve been very fortunate. COVID 19 has not had the huge impact it has had in so many other parts of the world. I count my blessings.

And today another countdown is on. I decided yesterday that it was time to embrace the spirit of Christmas And all things red and green. I actually decked the halls a couple weeks ago, knowing that after a scheduled surgery I would be limited in what I could do. But the festive feeling didn’t really kick in until yesterday.

I bought a couple Christmas books for the boys this year and already passed one along to their father as a read aloud moving into the big day.

Yesterday they agreed I could read them the first couple chapters. This is not insignificant as they are all big time gamers who had absolutely no interest in tearing themselves away from their screens to sit beside Gram and listen to a Christmas story. But they are also big time readers which played to my advantage and they love their Gram a wee bit so they gathered round. They are good boys with big hearts. They are also laddy-os. Dad joined us too.

And so I started. About a dozen words in and … “Heard it before. Read it last year.” And so on …. But treasures that they are, they agreed to sit and listen until I got to this one line:

But if you are one of those people who believe that some things are impossible you should put this book down right away. It is most certainly not for you.

And with that, all four of them jumped up at the exact same moment and made to leave the room. How could four males – ages 8 to 37 – all have the same silly sense of humour? The boys are most definitely their father’s sons! It was quite funny though and they did come back and punish out a chapter or two.

But the last laugh will be Gram’s. I have two more books.

Twice loved!

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