The Little Yellow Corn Pot – rescued and restored

July 24

Gearing down. Boys all had their baths, teeth brushed, stories read and told. Drink poured and a glass raised to all the single dads and moms who do this alone on a regular basis. I seem to have fallen out of habit and the Gram I am today is not nearly as organized or efficient as the Mom I was yesterday. Late getting supper, late doing dishes, and late with the bedtime routine! But you can bet your bottom dollar no one will be sleeping in late … except maybe me!

“I’m late! I’m late!” Mild obsession with Alice, the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter and the whole Wonderland crew these days. Such adventures!

I love rescuing the weary and worn and giving it new purpose. Especially furniture. I am a yard sale junkie. Fun and funky furniture reminds me of Wonderland where everything is just a little off kilter.

I once sold pop bottles for tomorrow’s sandwich meat. Happily, I don’t need to do that anymore. I wonder if I had an appreciation for yard sale treasures back then? I can’t remember. I do know I was happy – the lack of material things did not seem such a big deal. Perhaps I’m wrong; perhaps, in looking back, nostalgia has taken the edge off many things. Who can remember? In any case, I’m a strong believer today in using what we have.

I recently heard a story about a ‘little yellow corn pot’ I left behind years ago. Apparently the little fellow has survived for over 40 years. A few adventurers there for sure!

Maybe that’s why I like to ‘rescue’ stuff today … perhaps the little yellow corn pot was too easily left behind.

Twice loved!


And a few recent rescues …

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