Stopped at my first yard sale for the season just a couple weeks back. House-front yard sales are the best! Especially if the house and residents look a little bit older. Chances are they’ve lived with their ‘junk’ for a long time and are approaching that stage where one feels the need to downsize. What was once quite lovely and/or useful is now entering the clutter/junk/I need to get rid of stage. And that’s where I find my ‘treasures’.

Found these tools in a plastic beef bucket and at $2.00 apiece, I didn’t even quibble.

Here I have a soldering iron – you’d heat it over open flame – and a hollowing plane. The drywall trowel is nothing particularly special but I saw Dad use these so often I brought  it home for sentimental reasons. But all are Clydesdales. They’ve seen more than their share of work. Oh the stories they could tell! Boats they’ve built. Homes they’ve helped raise. And here they are today – put out to pasture – but still twice-loved by me – though purely as an art form. I’m not about to build any boats this week!


This one here, though, this is the piece de resistance. Not quite sure what it’s called so we’ll refer to it as a thingamajigger for now. I think it was used to draw out the seams and/or run the oakum into the seams of a boat. If you know the name of it, or can provide further information, I’d love to hear from you.

487F62C5-8CDE-4234-98E7-DCBCF68A5493I think the old saw-horse has seen a little use too!





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