I read somewhere recently that we were put on this earth for one purpose only and that is to experience joy and happiness. That is when we are ‘in sync’ with who we truly are, when we experience joy.

Initially I was sceptical but I am becoming a believer.

There is very little joy in envy, hatred, revenge, resentment, regret, anger, inadequacy – nothing here to make you feel good.

It is when I am doing the things I like, enjoying my world and my people, creating my own little space, that I feel joy. Still, my thoughts will insist on wandering to those dark corners – and sometimes I allow them to crawl there and wallow, though I know I shouldn’t. To bring myself back, I create. Makes me feel good and when I am ‘in sync’, good things happen. I especially like to bring a new look, a new feel, to the old and discarded. Twice-loved. There is beauty in all things if we only but look beyond what is obvious.

Found this photo frame in the attic and now two of the five frames are actually mini chalkboards. I love the bright sunny yellow. The table is one of a set of three I restored with a simple coat of paint, and the clock – not working – is just too pretty to throw out. Beside it, one of my ‘Alice’ cards, featuring the White Rabbit.





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