Jellies, Jams,… carrots?

There’s nothing quite as twice-loved as mason jars. You know it, right? One jar – home to partridgeberry jam this week, cabbage pickles and  beef and barley soup next week, or marinated carrots today.

Very much looking forward to having my family to dinner this weekend. Unfortunately, not all of us can make it. The oldest has prior commitments but if I know nothing else, I do know we will do it again and she will be there next time for sure. This leaves me short two amazing chefs – both sister and hubby are a dream team in the  kitchen. Fortunately my younger sister, who can make it, is also a Rachel Ray type, so I still have a major league player in the house. Also have two sisters-in-law who can put a good taste on  a rubber boot so I happily encourage everyone to bring along a dish if they’d like. It’s certainly not a requirement and I used to tell them to bring nothing. They never listened  so now I just leave them alone.

#1Son is pretty good in the kitchen too – a skill acquired of necessity I suspect – and he usually brings along something with a little heat.

We’re going cold plates this time. I started prepping tonight and I know my marinated carrots are tasty.  I’ve done them up in individual little jars. While it’s not a dish that screams ‘chef extraordinaire’, it does say, “Come in. I’m so glad you’re here!”

Presentation counts!

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