Cookies, Cupcakes, and Kayla

This weekend Kayla made cupcakes and cookies. I helped. Sort of. Mostly I drank wine and licked the beaters. We cranked the music up – song for song – your choice, my choice – and belted it out. Move over Gaga! Surprisingly, in spite of the 30 year age difference, our tastes in music were not that far apart.

This is the fruit of our labour. (her labour)


This is me trying my hand … Max gave it a shot too, with Kayla overseeing.


This is the beast that did all the work but grinded to a stop tonight. She’s been around a long, long time. No twice-loved for this old gal. The motor is smoked. But what a way to go out!


And while Kayla, the Cookie Queen, finished her decorating today, I stitched together a stuffed llama for Little Bear.

Not a bad way to spend a Friday night/ Saturday morning.


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