Shine on ….

Christmas is coming and around here that means the silver comes out. Not that I have a lot, but I do have a little, and once a year it gets a good rub with the Silvo. Every piece has a story and some of the stories are mine.

The silver tray was a wedding gift from Mom and Dad and was 42 years old this past  September. I’ve not been part of that particular relationship for a long time now, but the tray was special then and speaks to a time when I was young, in love, and thought I had the world by the tail. It is not a chore to polish it.

The cup was also a gift from Mom and Dad, given to me for my son shortly after he was born a few years later. His is also a special story and I have been blessed to have this child in my life for thirty plus years as well as his beautiful boys, my three rascally grandchildren. The cup was lost for a while, but recently found its way home. There is significance there I believe.

Every piece here has a story. Some things were gifted to me. The jug was a Christmas gift I gave Mom. The smaller tray was rescued from an antique shop, tarnished and black, but it too has seen a coat of Silvo. The Annapolis crystal glasses I bought in Nova Scotia this summer after watching the men working in their shop. The crystal is all mouth-blown and hand-cut and it is beautiful. I only have two glasses but I keep them out and use them all the time. Not only are they incredibly pretty, they remind me of one of the best vacations I have ever had.

The pretty wine glasses? Also rescued from a box of curb-side treasures. Very merry and definitely twice-loved!




1 thought on “Shine on ….”

  1. I have silver given to me as well. I don’t use it often but this year I’ll do the same and set my Christmas table with what I have. Twice loved and always loved!! Keep your posts coming.


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