It’s Sunday afternoon. The wind is howling outside. It’s not cold – 6 degrees – but there is a wind advisory in effect. The weatherman promises gusts between 100 and 120 km/hr. The old house will shake tonight!

Yet it feels oddly quiet. I am waiting for the boys to come home. It is their week to be with their Dad. He is working away this week. So Gram lucked in. I will spend this week with the three laddy-os. I won’t deny it’s hectic and when my feet leave the floor at my usual 10:30 bedtime, I’m tired. But stressed? Never. They are an endless source of amusement. Their honest observations and unique perspective on life make me thankful they’re around – thankful I’m around. It’s not easy to care for three rambunctious little boys, to get them where they need to go, to keep them clean and fed and rested and still put in a day’s work elsewhere. I would be lying if I said it was but fortunately I have friends who help. This time is a gift.

The circle continues and I am reminded of how so many many people supported me when I was a young single mother. I hope I showed them how much that support meant. Because it meant a lot.

The three Ronnies are home now. Not so quiet here anymore. They are playing a video game with their Dad who is also on FaceTime. Lots of yelling, lots of laughter.

But still peaceful.





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