Little Bear’s Quilt

Little Bear won the quilt and we are both pretty pleased about that. In addition to being pleased, I am also pretty amused.

I made a ‘stadium’ quilt for a fundraiser – an auction – using a couple of old jerseys from the local hockey team. Little Bear ‘helped’ with the final quilting. He sat on the table and operated the foot pedal in his two little hands which were surprisingly strong when it came to making that needle race around the track. He informed me it was just like driving a car and why wouldn’t he know all about that at the wise old age of five, almost six! I had to ask him to slow down frequently. There were quite a few ‘tucks” in the back of the quilt – speed bumps, I’ll call them. But it was fun, and we both had a few laughs.

“Gram,” he asked, “will you make me a quilt just like this?” And I assured him I would. (Not quite sure when that was going to happen)

At the auction, he asked me to lift him up so he could deposit two fifty-cent tickets in the bag by our quilt. He was going  to win this quilt because he and Gram had made it, he informed his little ginger-haired friend. Funny thing is, it’s a hockey quilt, and there’s not a hockey fan in the entire family. But no matter, he had made it; it was as good as his.

I was on the other side of the room when they called out his name. I saw his hand shoot up and his little face, far from looking surprised or excited, wore the look of someone who already knew he was taking home that quilt.

No big deal.

Wabi sabi. Twice loved.

Love you Little Bear!



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