Twice-loved is the birth child of too much stuff – too much stuff in my head, too much stuff in my house, and this terrible inability to “let go” in all things.

So…..   in an attempt to clean house and mind, I am looking for a new home for all this ‘stuff’.  Wonder how much I’ll actually get rid of.

I sometimes envy those who ‘clean house’ with such ease. Everything gets thrown out. Broken or chipped, throw it out. Doesn’t work, throw it out. Too big, too small, throw it out. Just plain bored with it? Throw it out!

I don’t want to throw it out. I don’t want to let go.  I look at X and I see Y.  That’s not necessarily a good thing because I can’t always invest the time needed to turn X into Y and then, even when I do ….

Beautifully broken… imperfectly perfect.  Life would be so incredibly simple if we could all embrace this simple truth. I’m trying. Truly! But it’s a constant challenge for sure!

Fifteen years ago, to recycle two pieces of glass, I had my friend make me a coffee table.  In packing away my Christmas decorations, I came across the old table in a corner of the shed. I dragged it inside, dusted it off, had a colleague cut me two wooden inserts. A coat of paint, a home-made stencil and voila! Twice-loved!  So much so that it’s here in my living room.




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