Juniper, birch, and a little bit of ‘vir’

Roy says juniper is a cowardly wood. I didn’t quite get the terminology. It has a mind of its own, he says. It twists and turns and can’t be trusted to do what you want it to do. Not sure why you would call that cowardly. I think I like the idea of wood that has a mind of its own, that can’t be bent to the will of some external force, to someone else’s idea of what is right and proper.  A bit of a romantic notion there I suspect, as I am actually quite glad my table top – newly constructed of juniper – has decided to keep the shape we put it in! The table skirt is birch and the crossbars are made of what the locals call ‘vir’. Fir to the rest of you! It’s a beautiful table, made especially for the bar chairs that were rescued, restored, and recycled in this lovely kitchen set. Perfect with the fall scene Mom painted for me years ago!

Twice loved!


Chatter Chair

Found this dynamic duo at two separate yard sales and a sad looking couple they were indeed but with a little TLC and a few coats of Artminds Succulent chalk paint from Michaels, voila! I couldn’t be more pleased! And they’re heading for their new home in just a couple days. Front foyer chatter chair and telephone table. Love rescuing this stuff and bringing it home but equally fond of letting it go.

I would say there’s been more than one conversation shared while perched on this little stool.  Succulent, juicy conversation too, I’ll bet!

Chatter chair – twice-loved!



Blossom Antiques

Another road trip today with another old friend.

Today we did make it into Blossom Antiques and so glad we did. I could spend hours in this store poking about amongst the trinkets and treasures.

If, however, I took my age too seriously, I would be a little discouraged at the sheer volume of memorabilia from my childhood that is now tagged as antique! Surely not!

I did spend much more than I’d planned – yard sales are sooo much better for bargains.  But I appreciate that this couple is running a business and that road trips to amass such a collection must be a frequent, risky, and costly occurrence.

In any case, I came away delighted with my finds!

This set is tarnished is a big way but a few hours of elbow grease and I expect to find real beauty beneath.

… and the twinkling of the tea

Blossom Antiques.


Perfect day.

And it ended with a rainbow.






Road Trip

Begin at the beginning, the King said gravely, and go on till you come to the end: then stop.

We headed out on a little road trip today to Benton to visit the antique shop. Blossom Antiques and Collectibles is closed but one day during the week, and wouldn’t you know it? Today was the day.

Not to be discouraged we continued on to Clarenville where we visited The Barn Loft. Nothing twice-loved here, but still a lovely place to browse – which we did.

No yard sales, no roadside treasures, but I did find a deal in the bargain bin. Three dollars apiece and now filled with flowers from my garden.

A perfect day!


New Beginnings

It’s a brand new day, a new beginning, another chance to try and get it right.

I’ve been in the slumps and it’s crazy easy to do it all wrong when you’re not on top shelf.

Who am I then? Tell me that first, and then, if I like being that person, I’ll come up. If not, I’ll stay down here until I’m somebody else.

You make perfect sense in your nonsense, Alice. But it’s just not that easy.

Today was supposed to be about coming up: keeping busy, being productive, mending fences.

perhaps I should have stayed down…

I did have the company of Little Bear overnight and he is like the Wonderland crew, very clever and worldly in his innocent and blunt observations. It helps.

Still, at the end of the day I had nothing of any real measure to show for my time, though I did manage to keep busy.

“I can’t explain myself, Sir,” said Alice, “because I’m not myself, you see.”

Supper out tonight and a chance to reconnect with family I hadn’t seen in many years also helped. Stories were told and retold. It was nice to sit back and listen, even having heard the stories before. Twice-loved.

Alice in Wonderland, as I’ve indicated in recent postings, is a current favourite ….. so many cool and thought provoking observations! May I suggest that you read the book? Watching the movie is just not enough. And it’s all here online.

Right now, I’m trying to read Through the Looking Glass.  Read it years ago but never favoured it like Wonderland.

The lure of a good book?

They’re dreadfully fond of beheading people here, the great wonder is, that there’s anyone left alive.

Too true, Alice. Once again you nailed it. A good book is the perfect escape. 052C3DE7-10DA-4A88-AE73-9F6000ED1D5B






The Creative Process

#1 Son knows me well. Some mothers get jewellery, flowers and fancy restaurants. I get the yard sale treasures. This particular chair – I call it the Hunt chair – is one of a pair he rescued for his momma a few weeks ago. The wall peg shelf is a $1.00 yard sale find he brought home this morning. The little night stand is one that had been relegated to the attic but brought back into commission for this set I’m calling the Queen of Hearts. You’ll see why when it’s finished.

Just in case #1 Son ever reads this, I’d like to point out that I am certainly not encouraging him to rule out jewellery, flowers and fancy restaurants! Truth be told. I am an incurable romantic at heart, much to my chagrin, though most people don’t know this about me.

I was once ‘romanced’ by a hired guitarist/songster serenading me at work with a favorite song of mine, Moon River. At the time, I was pretty shy, so while delighted and flattered, I was also a little embarrassed by the gesture as sweet as it was! Funny though, the young man hired to croon started off in the wrong key. Ouch! Probably a little embarrassing for him too, I suspect. No shame. Moon River was not exactly on top in the charts. It’s still my favorite though. Old, old, old song –  twice-loved.

Anyway, I got away from the point of my post –  which was to show how I work – in my kitchen -messy and disorganized for sure, but with a sort of plan/vision up there somewhere.





Mackenzie-Childs wannabe

Wish I’d had the foresight to take a picture before the paint job and reupholstery. Don’t know how I forgot that! Too eager to get started maybe. In any case,  both pieces were brown, worn, tired looking and in need of some serious TLC.

I used Artminds chalk paint – colour Succulent (Michaels) and used a Benjamin Moore acrylic polyurethane varnish to protect. Gives a lot of shine which many dislike in a chalk paint but I am very pleased with the result. It’s a bit of a delicate set, not meant for hard use but would look great in a front foyer. Bought the fabric at the local fabric store – they have an amazing selection. Has a bit of a Mackenzie-Childs look to it I think!  Next project? 60C47E01-83D8-4EF2-B745-E959CCFC9C06

Swingin’ with my eyes closed …

Summer’s here, bring it on.    Another year, one more beer, another song ….

My whippersnipper gave out – well sort of, but not really – lost the top part. Sooooo … borrowed my brothers and wow!!!   What a difference using a battery powered. So much easier than lugging around mine which weighs in at about 200 pounds (not really), is gas powered, and gets heavier with every turn around the garden (yes really). I’m usually all in before I even get it running!

Anyway – long story short – I’m putting it out there for #1 Son. If you love me, there will be a battery powered whippersnipper under the Christmas tree this year,

Finished in no time  and sat for a little swing, – not a usual occurrence. Sun was warm, sky was blue, air was sweet, and I could hear the hushhh of the surf in the not so far away. And instead of thinking about everything I don’t have, spent a few minutes – never enough – being grateful for what I do have.

#1Son and the three Ronnies being at the top of the list.

Some people say that you can’t miss what you don’t have, that if you didn’t have it, you couldn’t possibly miss it.

I don’t believe that. I would know. If I’d never had them, I would know. I would still know. I would always know. And I would miss them.







Garden Party

I went to a garden party to reminisce with my old friends                                     A chance to share old memories and play our songs again.

Garden Party today! An annual event. Last year the Links dominated with lucky seven but this year … just me.

one is the loneliest number that you ever knew ..

(on a roll here)

But it’s all right now, I learned my lesson well.                                                                       You can’t please everyone so you got to please yourself.

Anyway it was a lovely end to a lovely day.

Garden parties – an annual event.



A Colourful Afternoon

July 26


Spent the afternoon with my big boy and while there may be a fifty year age difference, our tastes are pretty similar. This kid has an awesome playlist!!

Having my picture taken with a Pokémon was most definitely a highlight – and a first for Gram – but mostly the day was about colour. We both have a sweet tooth and as a mom, I would totally say no to a box of twelve cake pops for lunch. As a Gram? – hope you’re sharing!  And this after a trip to Sweets and Treats, a lovely little ice cream shop tucked under the lighthouse at Long Point. Loved the sundae topped with local berry jams. Can’t go wrong for me with partridgeberry jam. It’s my favorite!

Finished off the day with a visit to a roadside yard sale. #1 Grandson is as happy to poke about in a dusty old shed as his Gram and we each came away happy with more stuff we rescued. Love my new cookie jar!