The Little Things

It’s a slow quiet day. There’s nothing huge happening. No incredible excitement on the horizon. Just a quiet sense of calm. Most of my days are so. And I guess that IS huge and certainly worth celebrating.

I recently purchased some second hand soap making supplies to try my hand at something different. So pleased with my first results I will most definitely try more.

Honey and oatmeal soap. Quite nice to use, actually. And because 🍯 made me think of bears, I pulled out some scraps of felt, thread, and my sewing needle.

Hunny Bears

Crafting … soap moulds … twice-loved

Countdown to Christmas

Goodness, it’s been a while since I posted but this has most definitely been a different kind of year. As we count down to Christmas and 2021, I hope we find ourselves healing both physically and spiritually and in a much better place. In my own little corner, I’ve been very fortunate. COVID 19 has not had the huge impact it has had in so many other parts of the world. I count my blessings.

And today another countdown is on. I decided yesterday that it was time to embrace the spirit of Christmas And all things red and green. I actually decked the halls a couple weeks ago, knowing that after a scheduled surgery I would be limited in what I could do. But the festive feeling didn’t really kick in until yesterday.

I bought a couple Christmas books for the boys this year and already passed one along to their father as a read aloud moving into the big day.

Yesterday they agreed I could read them the first couple chapters. This is not insignificant as they are all big time gamers who had absolutely no interest in tearing themselves away from their screens to sit beside Gram and listen to a Christmas story. But they are also big time readers which played to my advantage and they love their Gram a wee bit so they gathered round. They are good boys with big hearts. They are also laddy-os. Dad joined us too.

And so I started. About a dozen words in and … “Heard it before. Read it last year.” And so on …. But treasures that they are, they agreed to sit and listen until I got to this one line:

But if you are one of those people who believe that some things are impossible you should put this book down right away. It is most certainly not for you.

And with that, all four of them jumped up at the exact same moment and made to leave the room. How could four males – ages 8 to 37 – all have the same silly sense of humour? The boys are most definitely their father’s sons! It was quite funny though and they did come back and punish out a chapter or two.

But the last laugh will be Gram’s. I have two more books.

Twice loved!

blue ain’t your colour …



Hello February! You are the best month! How could you not be with your big day on the 14th? February, you are all about hearts. Broken hearts, healing hearts, uncertain hearts, hopeful hearts and hearts just bursting with love! February, you recognize them all!

You celebrate love, February, and what better way to celebrate than with country music? On this beautiful sunny winter’s day, I salute you, not with your many shades of pinks and reds, but with a nod to blue.

So here’s to blue, to country, and to all things twice-loved.

but I know, February, I know …

pretty as it is, blue ain’t your colour!




a stitch in time … or poke the pig (sheep)

I have an auntie who de-stresses by ‘organizing’ the pins in her pincushion. I’d never heard that one but to each his own. Whatever works. I do have a voodoo doll that a friend brought me back from a visit to New Orleans years ago and I occasionally give it a poke. Helps. Sometimes. 😉 Sometimes I just say ‘frig it’. You can try and try and try with some people but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what you do, you’re still gonna do it wrong. If I poke the pig, which I guess I do, it’s not intentional, so I try not to worry about it too much. It’s not on me. It’s on the pig.

Speaking of pigs, The Chinese Zodiac is based on a twelve year cycle and we will soon be exiting the Year of the Pig. I’ve had a lovely start to this new calendar year, pig or no pig. Quite busy with a zillion projects underway at once. The pincushion is one such project. All hand stitched. Not sure I would call it twice-loved exactly as the fabrics are all new, but it is certainly something I envision being used for a long, long time. I have a pincushion my mom made years and years ago. Definitely twice-loved. Still use it. Pincushions are not something you replace often. This one is so cute though, I just might bring it into service!

Barn Board

Twice-loved Antiques and Curiosities is indeed a slow process when you work full time, actively grandparent – is that even a thing? – and run a household alone. I am beginning to think I have too many ‘before’ pictures and not a lot of ‘afters’ but I am sure it will take shape – eventually.

I am still insulating my shed/shop/place to collect.

A couple weeks ago, on the way home from a shopping trip to the nearest ‘city center’, we passed by friends who were taking down an old barn on a piece of land they had just purchased.

I’d been envisioning a barn wall on one side of the shed so we stopped and dragged the salvaged wood to the side of the road for pick up later.

It’s in the back yard now, waiting for me to remove all the nails. Hopefully tomorrow. Absolutely has to be done before the snow flies.

Too many plans! Too little time!

I have noticed lately that I envision something and boom! it falls into my existence like wow! A good thing right? … just a bit of a chore keeping up with it all! Can good luck be stressful? That’s a bit odd, isn’t it …  

Perhaps I have my fingers in too many pies? There’s probably a diagnosis for that but if so, I will happily attach the letters to my name. It’s all good.

Back to my twice-loved barn board.


…. not one to waste the scraps …




just because flowers

Yesterday I received flowers … just because.

At first I had no idea who they could be from, but in trying to figure it out I came up with quite a few ‘it might have been Jane’ and ‘it might have been Joe’.

That’s a good thing I think. Feeling that there are bunches of people who might give you flowers –  just because.

so … thank you … for making me feel special.

Twice loved.



Down the Rabbit Hole, the journey begins …

I have always enjoyed the creative process. Matters not a whit if I am any good at it. Taking something random and manipulating it to create something that is pleasing to the eye has always brought me an intense satisfaction. I wish I was ‘artistic’. I am not. But I do believe I have a good eye and I see things differently.

I have always been ‘crafty’ – as I said in an earlier post, I have an old soul covered in glitter and glue; but more than that, I believe I also have an appreciation for and an ability to see a beauty not easily apparent, and that is the beauty of a good story. I believe all things have a story. And the older the object, the richer the story. Much like the little yellow corn pot …

I love to take old objects, old furniture, restore them and give them new life, a new home, and perhaps another chapter.

But …. my own home looks more cluttered than loved. I need a space: ‘A Room of One’s Own’, as Virginia so very nicely put it!

And while #1 son was home last week, he and Kayla began the process of creating a space for me. They worked together like Chip and Joanna on my shed, my little ‘Fixer Upper’, which I, with a love for all things Alice, would like to call Down the Rabbit Hole. It’s a bit of a mouthful though, and perhaps Twice-loved Antiques and Curiosities is a more apt description.

Here is where I will work on and display my projects. Find them new homes.

Yesterday, I began insulating … today the job continues.



Juniper, birch, and a little bit of ‘vir’

Roy says juniper is a cowardly wood. I didn’t quite get the terminology. It has a mind of its own, he says. It twists and turns and can’t be trusted to do what you want it to do. Not sure why you would call that cowardly. I think I like the idea of wood that has a mind of its own, that can’t be bent to the will of some external force, to someone else’s idea of what is right and proper.  A bit of a romantic notion there I suspect, as I am actually quite glad my table top – newly constructed of juniper – has decided to keep the shape we put it in! The table skirt is birch and the crossbars are made of what the locals call ‘vir’. Fir to the rest of you! It’s a beautiful table, made especially for the bar chairs that were rescued, restored, and recycled in this lovely kitchen set. Perfect with the fall scene Mom painted for me years ago!

Twice loved!


Chatter Chair

Found this dynamic duo at two separate yard sales and a sad looking couple they were indeed but with a little TLC and a few coats of Artminds Succulent chalk paint from Michaels, voila! I couldn’t be more pleased! And they’re heading for their new home in just a couple days. Front foyer chatter chair and telephone table. Love rescuing this stuff and bringing it home but equally fond of letting it go.

I would say there’s been more than one conversation shared while perched on this little stool.  Succulent, juicy conversation too, I’ll bet!

Chatter chair – twice-loved!



Blossom Antiques

Another road trip today with another old friend.

Today we did make it into Blossom Antiques and so glad we did. I could spend hours in this store poking about amongst the trinkets and treasures.

If, however, I took my age too seriously, I would be a little discouraged at the sheer volume of memorabilia from my childhood that is now tagged as antique! Surely not!

I did spend much more than I’d planned – yard sales are sooo much better for bargains.  But I appreciate that this couple is running a business and that road trips to amass such a collection must be a frequent, risky, and costly occurrence.

In any case, I came away delighted with my finds!

This set is tarnished is a big way but a few hours of elbow grease and I expect to find real beauty beneath.

… and the twinkling of the tea

Blossom Antiques.


Perfect day.

And it ended with a rainbow.